My Birth History

I gave birth to my daughter Audrey on the 1st of September, at 7:16 am.


I was at 40 weeks and 1 day the day I gave birth to my baby girl but my labour was induced at 39 weeks and 6 days.

On Sunday 30th of August at 11 am I checked into the hospital, as they had planned my induction a few days before for medical reasons. I was really nervous and scared. I was the type of person who couldn’t talk about delivering the baby during  the whole of my pregnancy, I cried the first time they talked about inductions, I cried when they talked about C-sections, I cried about everything regarding the subject of delivery. I was so scared that I thought I would die in the process, I’m a very dramatical person which is why it was horrible for me to think about giving birth.


But the day arrived and we went to the hospital. My husband was with me from the start and I am so grateful he was able to stay with me the whole time because without him I don’t think I could have gone through it all. We were advised that it could take up to 3 or 4 days from the start of the induction to deliver the baby. So far we hadn’t told anybody about what was going on, except for my parents. I didn’t want to have everyone asking us every other hour if the baby was coming or not.

When we arrived I started crying of course, I cried about everything! The first midwife came, did some check-ups and then started the process. The first thing they did was to insert a pessary, which was unpleasant but didn’t hurt. The pessary had to stay in for 24 hours so I had to wait until the next day to see how it was going. In the meantime my mother came to visit me, we read, we talked a lot and we listened to all the women who were already experiencing their contractions. It wasn’t until the night that I started to feel contractions, they were very mild in the beginning but they got stronger and more regular through the night. It was really painful, but my husband helped me a lot, he was always guiding me with how to breathe, held my hand, hugged me, he was the best. During that time I already wanted some painkillers like paracetamol or something. But the midwife didn’t want to give me anything because she thought that I was strong enough to handle the pain. So I started using a tens machine that I had with me, which helped me a bit in the beginning, but didn’t do too much. We didn’t sleep that night. The contractions were very regular, so we thought that when the midwife would come to check how dilated I was I would be ready. The next day however, after having had the pessary for 24 hours, I had dilated only 1 cm. That killed me, 1cm? that was crazy! The midwife told me then that they were going to give me the next thing (I don’t remember the name) and that would take up to 6 hours. After a while however they came to tell me that the hospital had run out of that hormone or drug or whatever it was and that I had to wait for some time. They left me to relax and to receive visitors, my parents came to see me and I was strong and positive then, but when they left everything went badly, I started to cry, I wanted to leave the hospital, I wanted to get a C-section, because I was feeling so much pain. We tried to go for a walk but I was feeling poorly, I started to feel sick, really sick. There were moments I was able to sleep but when I woke up the sickness would come back (it was horrible). So then the midwives called the obstetrician and they decided to go ahead and break my waters.

I remember the feeling, when they told me that they were going to take me to the labour ward to break my waters, I got scared again, started crying again. We phoned my mother because I wanted her to be with me for the labour (for the induction only the husband/partner can stay with you). I used gas & air when they broke my waters, but it didn’t hurt. They said it would hurt but maybe the gas & air helped. When they broke my waters I was already 2 cm dilated and then we had to wait until I was 3 cm dilated for the obstetrician to come and see me. When I was 3 cm dilated they told me that they would start giving me the artificial oxytocin (pitocin/syntocinon) which is given intravenously and because the contractions would be more painful it would be best to give me the epidural. They gave me the epidural which went fine (it didn’t hurt either) but I was still feeling the contractions so they had to re-insert the epidural and the second time it started working perfectly. I didn’t feel the contractions any more, I was able to rest, I was able to sleep all night. Sometimes I would wake up, but the midwife who staid with me was incredible. I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am to her, she gave me massages when I was still feeling the contractions, she brought a fan to my room because I was feeling really hot. She was very nice to my mother and my husband. At around 6 am I started to feel like I wanted to go to the toilet IMG_2703and I told the midwife. She told me that if I started to feel like I wanted to push to let her know her, and around 6:30 I started to feel this. She checked, and I was already 10 cm dilated. She told me that at 7 we would start to push, she prepared everything, I was almost in a sitting position on the bed, she dimmed the lights and there were we, my mother, my husband, the midwife and I. She guided me with how to push and I did it. I still cannot believe that I, the most scared person in the world, was pushing and delivering a baby! After about 15 minutes of pushing my baby was born. I needed stitches because I had a second-degree tear. My baby was born healthy and beautiful. I was so happy in the end, the labour had been great because I hadn’t felt any pain. I liked the way it happened, with only a few people present and very intimate.


Sorry for the very long story. I have tried to summarise best I could. I wanted to share it with you, so I hope you liked it. We are all different, we all have different levels of pain-tolerance. At first I thought induction would be the worst, but it wasn’t. Yes, it was uncomfortable in the beginning, but the good thing was that they are always checking up on you. Every delivery is different, so don’t believe that everything that happens to other people is going to happen to you.



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