Travel Bucket List 2016

These are some of the places that I would like to travel to this year. Of course it would be great if I’m able to visit more places than listed below.



Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean. It would be my third visit there. My husband and I got married there, it’s where my husband was born and his family lives there, and I have some family there too, so we would like to go to introduce our little princess to everybody there. Also, this year 2 dear friends are getting married there and we want to be there with them, and to visit other friends who live there as well.

Aruba is known as One Happy Island and this is so true. Everybody there is kind and friendly, and the weather is awesome. This is a confirmed trip.




Rome was the first city I travelled to. I was 17 years old and I fell in love with this city. Ever since it’s been number one on my list of places where I have been. I’d recommend to everybody to visit Rome. This year I would like to go with my husband to have a romantic escape. I know he will love Rome like I do and I want to show him the places that I liked the most and to enjoy the night-life there.



I would like to visit several cities there but I will happy with any city this year. Greece has so much history and every city looks so beautiful. My husband and I love Greek food so we want to eat the local food there. Maybe we can visit during the summer but we don’t have a concrete plan for this trip yet.



Just like with Greece there are several cities where I’d like to visit, so we shall see what deal we find this year and to which city.


What I like the most when I’m going to travel is to plan it. I’m a very organised person and I like to meticulously plan every holiday. I usually start to plan things at least 3 months before the trip. I can’t wait to use my passport again!


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