My Top Baby Essentials

Zoom Trio Package £329,00 @mamasandpapas


I really recommend this travel system. I wanted something of good quality but not too expensive, of a good material and with a good warranty. I chose the black-coloured one because I didn’t want something ostentatious and I can always decorate it with a pink blanket or some colourful toys. Also there’s always a chance that they tell you you are going to have a girl and they’re mistaken and you have a boy, so it’s better to be prepared.


Philips Avent Complete Natural Starter Set £65,00 @Mothercare


I had planned to breastfeed for the first 6 months, but, since you never know what is going to happen, we bought this set. It was at a very good price. I’ve seen in many shops that the sterilizer alone costs £47,00 and this set comes with everything you need for the first 6 months including a manual breast-pump.


Muslins Squares £3-4,00 (Various Shops)


You are going to need this for everything, for burping your baby, for cleaning their mess, it’s a must. I bought mine in Matalan, Primark and Sainsbury’s.


 dreamgenii® breastfeeding pillow £26,00 @mamasandpapas


It doesn’t matter if you breastfeed or bottle-feed, this pillow is the best. You are going to be tired of carrying your baby all day and this supports your baby whilst you are feeding her. It’s also great for tummy-time and for when they start sitting up to support her back.


Lansinoh Nipple Cream £10,99 @Mothercare


If you’re planning to breastfeed this is a must. I had no issues with sore nipples at all, and I think it’s because I started using it from day 1. So put one in your hospital bag!


Waterwipes £2,49 @Boots


These are the most natural wipes that you can find. They are a little pricey but very much worth it, especially for newborns when their skin is very sensitive.


Sudocrem £6,09 @Boots


I find that this is the best nappy cream, plus you can use it for several things. I bought Bepanthen first but I didn’t like it. Sudocrem is the first thing in my changing bag.


Mothercare Loved So Much bouncer £55,00


This one is so adorable. The Loved So Much range from Mothercare was my pregnancy obsession. I believe that I bought almost everything from the range. I think it’s not available any more, but any bouncer is a must for you. When you are alone with your baby and you have to do things around the house, this is going to be your best friend, I took it with me everywhere.


Mothercare Loved So Much play-mat £45,00


Again, I love this so much. A play-mat is great for your baby, to start discovering sounds and shapes and also to introduce tummy-time safely.

Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Mobile £47,00 @Johnlewis



Last but not least important is this cot-mobile. My little girl loves it, and I think it’s because of this that she loves animals. This has helped her to stay in her cot calm and happy.


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