Moving Abroad

I have been moving all my life, I have lived in 4 different countries and 7 different cities.

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Every time is different and every time is hard, but it’s also exciting. This post is about tips for people who are planning to move abroad and how I plan it.

  • Positives and Negatives list: I would recommend making a list of the positive things and negative things that moving to that country have for you (and your family).
  • Paperwork: can you legally live in the country? Is it easy to apply  for residency? What documents do you need to bring with you, and check that your passport is up to date.
  • Living costs: check out the costs of housing, food, transport and entertainment.
  • Distance: you may wish to return to your country occasionally and family or friends would like to visit you. Look at the cost of the flights and consider how close and easy it will be for you and your close ones.
  • Work, Study and Money: it depends on what you’re planning, if you’re going to work or study or maybe both. You are going to need money to settle first, plan this with time, save everything you can. If you are going to study, contact the university/college/academy to know the costs and facilities.
  • Language: if you move to a country and you don’t know the language you have to consider learning it, it’s going to be easier for work and for your social life.
  • Possessions: again depending on your situation, if it’s going to be for a short time or to settle down, you may want to bring some of your furniture/possessions with you, so check with moving companies and costs. You have to know how much or how little you are bringing with you.

Moving to another country is really hard. You have to be open-minded and be able to adapt to the country you want to live in. I would recommend the experience of learning other cultures. It’s something that could change your expectations and your life. Sometimes you are going to love the new country or hate it.

Me, I don’t feel as if I have a “nationality”, and I don’t feel patriotic for any country. For that reason I can move to another country easily, I just follow my heart and my family and I think that I can always go back to wherever I want to. In the end your country is going to be there ALWAYS.


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